How to choose the perfect rug for your space


No matter what colour, pattern, texture or shape you choose, there’s one fundamental truth about a well-placed rug… it can really pull a room together. A notion made famous by The Big Lebowski in 1998, but still has relevance today. While often an afterthought for many people, we believe that a rug should be one of the first things you select when decorating a space. The perfect rug will unify the other elements in a room, providing a great reference point for colour and texture that you can roll out through the rest of your room. So rule of thumb, wherever possible, choose your rug before finalising décor.




Here are some things to keep in mind when rug shopping:


  • Dark colours feel more intimate, and can be more practical (unless you own a white Sheep dog)



  • Light shades and smaller patterns are brighter and airy, can make a space look larger, but can be more tricky to keep clean



  • Choose the right rug fibre for the right room (think practicality when deciding on the weave, fibre, size, shape, colour and pattern)




  • Stripes come with warnings for your wardrobe, but they can actually help to make a room appear larger by tricking the eye


  • Living with concrete or tiled floors? A rug can help to warm and soften hard flooring


  • A bold patterned rug can function as a statement piece in your home, while a neutral texture rug should quietly complement existing furniture or décor


  • Consider layering rugs! It’s an interesting way to create a bit of drama and texture by laying a smaller statement rug over a larger area rug.



One thing's for sure, when it comes to choosing a rug, the amount of choice can be overwhelming. First and foremost remember to always work with your space, before what’s on trend. Also, keep your lifestyle, family and pets in mind when you’re making your decision. After all, this is a piece of decor that lives on the floor (not to over-state the obvious!).



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