Faux Hides with heart



Leopard, Zebra or Vryheid... three gorgeous new designs to choose from 


If you love the leather hide look, but feel uncomfortable with an actual animal skin on your floor, our Vegan Hides may be just what you need. Vegan leather, also known as faux leather, is a leather-like fabric to the touch, that isn’t made from the skin of animals, but printed Polyester.


These hides are really fun to style up any space, bringing in the illusion of natural texture and the organic shape of the hide which is super-easy on the eye. It works beautifully to break up the 'linear grid' that seems to dominate so many rooms in our homes.


Have a look at our full range of Vegan Hides here, or visit us at The Palms Lifestyle Centre in Woodstock, or No. 5 Third Avenue Parkhurst.

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