Sale-ing on Cloud 9


Can you feel it... that chill in the early mornings as you head out for your daily exercise with the neighbours?

Autumn is upon us, and seeing as we're all staying at home anyway, you've got double the reason to get your home ready for winter. Which is why we're offering 20% off Cloud 9 Carpets, our new range of impossibly soft, utterly luxurious rugs.


Sink your toes into 20% off Cloud 9 Carpets, while stocks last.

Which colour tone suits your space?

Warm Bicuit


Faded Rose

Snow White

Airloom’s brand new Cloud 9 Carpets are like NOTHING you’ve felt before. It’s like a Persian cat married Cotton Candy and had babies. Ultra soft, impossibly silky, these babies are impossible to describe... you just need to experience it for yourself. Choose your favourite colour and get shopping before the sale stocks fly off our shelves.

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