Cotton runners, good from the ground up

Looking for a natural fibre rug that's soft under foot and easy on the eye? Do yourself a favour and browse our new range of reversible Cotton Flatweave runners, woven using environmentally-friendly up-cycled cotton. If you're conscious of your consumer behavior and how it effects the earth, this premium range of natural fibre rugs will help you tread lightly.






In the world of rugs, runners are a different kind of animal. While equally beautiful to other shaped rugs, they are more functional in many ways. Not only does a well-placed runner help define a passageway, or area of transition, but runners also help to anchor spaces.


The right design can tie a room’s décor together and also softens hard surfaces to reduce noise levels and add warmth. Think of a well placed runner beneath a kitchen sink, or to welcome you home in the hallway. 





We believe rugs should be just as functional as they are practical. Different rooms and spaces in a house have different levels of foot traffic. Rugs in transition spaces, such as hallways and passageways should be hardwearing, and require thinner proportions... which is where the runner really comes into its own.


There are so many to choose from, so take some time to browse online. Or visit us in Jo'burg at No. 5 Third Avenue Parkhurst or The Palms Lifestyle Centre in Woodstock, Cape Town.

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